Back Country Adventures on the Alpine Plateau

Ride the Alpine Plateau

Our 2022 Rental Fleet


650 Indy VR1 137”

Dominating Trail Performance

The SnowCheck-exclusive Indy VR1 delivers ferocious acceleration, effortless control and intelligent technology on the all-new rider-first Matryx platform—unlocking the next dimension in dominating trail performance and technology.



Unrivaled On and Off Trail Performance

the Ultimate 50/50 Crossover Snowmobile delivers pure dominance on-trail and off. Built upon the rider-first Matryx platform, the Switchback Assault combines superior on-trail handling and off-trail boondocking capability with the smooth and powerful 650 Patriot.


850 PRO RMK MATRYX SLASH 155 2.75"

The World's Best Precision Mountain Sled

The Pro-RMK Matryx Slash delivers ultimate precision and performance. The world's best precision mountain sled features a short, tapered tunnel and lightweight design, with the high performance 850 Patriot and the 155" 2.75" Series 8 track for percision and agility in any terrain.


650 Voyager 146”

The Ultimate Sport-Utility Snowmobile

The all-new Voyageur, built on the Matryx platform, is comfortable and easy to ride taking you anywhere you want to go. With the smooth and powerful 650 Patriot, the possibilities are endless this winter.



The World's Best All-Mountain Snowmobile

The RMK KHAOS MATRYX SLASH delivers ultimate agility and fun factor. The world's best all-mountain snowmobile features a short, tapered tunnel and lightweight design, with the high performance 850 Patriot and 165" 2.75" Series 8 track for dynamic response and flotation in any terrain

Snowy Trees

Choose your Ride Time


2 Hour Rental

For an Affordable Quick Fix

Take a rip to the back side of Ponderosa or play in Cox Park. This is perfect for those on a budget but need a fix of snow to the face.

Also great for Cabin owners who need to a machiene to hall a water heater, or supplies




Multi-Day Rental

Gain major price breaks!

For those staying for awhile we offer multi day rentals with major price breaks!

Your first tank of gas is on us, and you don't have to return it full either.  For rentals longer then a week we do require you to purchase oil from us.

Check out our 30 Day rental prices!  Great way to get a new machine without putting down some serious dough




4 Hour Rental

Play time before and after work

Not to long, not to short. A 4 hour play date with the Alpine Plateau is just about perfect for those who don't want to pack a lunch




6 Hour Rental

For the a fun fill day on the Alpine Plateau

For the diehards! Bring a lunch or purchase one from the Arrowhead Mountain Lodge. Have fun exploring the Alpine Plateau and find your untouched spot to play in.



Ride a snowmoible rental with your best friend on the Alpine platea.png

Rentals Include:

  • Helmets

  • Goggles

  • Map

  • Full Tank of Gas & Oil

  • $1000 Insurance Deductible

Rentals Options:

  • Discounts on Multi-Day & Month Long Rentals

  • Guided Trail or Powder Rides

  • $500 Insurance Deductible for additional $15

Arrowhead Mountain Adventures operates under special use permit from the USDA Forest Service, Grand Mesa, Uncompahgre and Gunnison National Forests
Arrowhead Mountain Adventures is an equal opportunity service provider and employer.